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Fringe (Fox)
Fringe Review #411 Making Angels
Fringe Review #410 Forced Perspective
Fringe Review #409 Enemy of My Enemy
Fringe Review #408 Back to Where You've Never Been

Fringe Winter Rewatch
Fringe Rewatch #407 Wallflower
Fringe Rewatch #406 And Those We've Left Behind

Fringe Summer Rewatch
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #320 6:02 AM EST
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #318 Bloodline
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #313 Immortality
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #307 The Abducted
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #302 The Box
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #223 Over There, Part 2
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #222 Over There, Part 1
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #211 Unearthed
Fringe Summer Rewatch: #202 Night of Desirable Objects

These are my contributions on SpoilerTV. I may only recap a few select episodes.

TV Recaps 2013
ABC The Neighbors - Season 1 - Recap

TV Recaps 2012
NBC Grimm - Season One Overview

Fan Expo 2011

Movie Reviews 2011
The Muppets
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Various TV Recaps 2011
CBC Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays Episode 109 Ridicule
ABC Dancing With The Stars Season 13 - Halloween Week
NBC Free Agent 1.04 Rebranding
NBC Harry's Law 2.06 The Rematch
NBC Harry's Law - Jean Smart Conference Call
NBC Harry's Law 2.03 Sins of the Father
CBC InSecurity Epsiode 201 Agent Oo La La
ABC Charlie's Angels 1.01 Angel With A Broken Wing
NBC Free Agent 1.01 Pilot

Recaps for Body Of Proof (ABC)
2.01 Love Thy Neighbor
1.09 Broken Home
1.08 Buried Secrets
1.07 All in the Family
1.06 Society Hill
1.05 Dead Man Walking
1.04 Talking Heads
1.03 Helping Hand
1.02 Letting Go
1.01 Pilot

Recaps for $#*! My Dad Says (CBS)
1.18 Who's Your Daddy?
1.17 Lock and Load
1.16 Well Suitored
1.15 Ed Goes To Court
1.14 Corn Star
1.13 The Better Father
1.12 Goodson Goes Deep
1.11 Family Dinner for Schmucks

Recaps for Raising Hope (FOX)
Recaps of 1.20 - 1.22
1.19 Sleep Training
1.18 Cheaters
1.17 Mongooses
1.16 Cultish Personality
1.15 Snip Snip
1.14 What Up, Cuz?
1.13 A Germ of A Story
1.12 Romeo and Romeo
1.11 Toy Story (First Christmas)
1.10 Burt Rocks
1.09 Meet the Grandparents (First Thanksgiving)
Reviews of 1.01 - 1.08 (excluding 1.04)

Recaps for The Defenders (CBS)
1.18 Morelli v. Kaczmarek
1.17 Nevada v. Greene
1.16 Noland v. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
1.15 Nevada v. Hunter
1.14 Nevada v. Doug The Mule
1.13 Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy
1.12 Nevada v. Wayne
1.11 Nevada v. Riley
1.10 Nevada v. Dennis
1.09 Whitten v. Fenlee
1.08 Nevada v. Killa Diz
1.07 Las Vegas v. Black Betty
1.06 Nevada v. Rodgers
Reviews of 1.03 - 1.05

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