Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Next Great Thursday Next Book

In anticipation of the release of next Thursday Next book, "One of Our Thursdays is Missing", I like to explain my fascination for the worlds of Jasper Fforde.

It all started in 2005 with "Lost in a Good Book". What I thought was just another paperback in the discount section, was really a continuation of the much talked about "The Eyre Affair". What was it about was it about Thursday Next and a quirky fictional world about popular fiction that appeal to me to no end is still a mystery. It made me buy the last sequel hardcover before the paperback came out for my collection, just so I can read it sooner. I am somewhat partial to the wellread book jackets in later publishes.

I suppose it had to do with the familiarity. To weave around classic literature, fairytales and later nursery rhymes, adventures and whodunnits is nothing short of brilliant. TV and cinema have been making references of literary works for ages. Why not have it in written form?

Who is Thursday Next? I am revisiting those same stories now to refresh myself. An overworked under appreciated literary detective who police the crimes in the literary world. She has the natural ability to jump into and out of books. Starting with Jane Eyre. We then follow her through married life, saving the existence of her husband. Thursday is as much revered figure in the fictional world as she is in the real world from having served also worked as an operative there as well.

There are no shortage of made up words and funny character names here. By the time you are done reading one book, it will want to make you read other. It's that addictive. If that isn't enough, you could always try to the nursery rhyme mysteries.

It's been a long while since the last sequel. I can't wait.

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