Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hong Kong Remakes: Some Like It Hot

With Some Like It Hot featured tonight, on TCM, it's a reminded me of all the Hong Kong remakes I grew up with. As you will know, I am particularly nostalgic for these movies.

The film is called Happy Ding Dong (1986) and stars Michael Hui Kun Man.

I thought it would be too obscure for the search engine, but I was able to find the trailer and a review for this. I remember seeing this before Some Like It Hot. Watching a clip today, I still find it funny. Michael Hui has a deadpan humour unmatched by anyone else.

I first caught this movie on TV years ago, however I am not sure if the DVD is still available for sale online. If you wish to find this movie, I suggest you go to the local Chinese video store in your area. They might be able to order the title for you.



Hong Kong Cinemagic

Trailer on Youtube

Far East Films Review

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