Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dancing With The Stars - Season 14 Favourite Moments

The teams I have been rooting for on Dancing With The Stars this season have all been eliminated by week 8, however I love that they all bowed out with a bang. And I even voted this time. Performance night for Melissa Gilbert's best dance was a really hot Samba for the first Trio Round in DWTS history. With such strong competitors, I am excited for a spectacular show for the final week of season 14.

My favourite for Jaleel White was his best dance, the Cha Cha on Week 6, Motown Night.

The dance I think Gladys Knight did well in was her Samba, for Week 5, Latin Night.

Other highlights for Week 8 was Roshon Fegan's Foxtrot and Donald Driver's Jive for the Trio Round.

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