Gallery of my work present and past.

Book Covers
GIMP Lights and Shadows Filters

GIMP Animation Filters (Combination)




GIMP Alpha to Logo Tests

Projection Backdrop
Scenery created for a community theatre performance of The Wizard of Oz. Selection came from stock images purchased online. Go to the label for a detail story of the process.
The final version of the wagon just has the ground..

It was my idea to have the signs drop into the scene.

Simulated flying monkeys from a castle.

For the wizard, a flaming face was used.

Simulated flying crows over the field.

In Apple Keynote, video of storm combined with image of farm.

The forest where they found the cowardly lion.

THE CAFETERIA LOGO CONTEST My concept on a piece of scrap paper. Someone else executed the finished mural.

THE BIG CANVASS The company wanted someone not traditionally artist to tactical the white canvass walls. I was the first to volunteered. What easier thing to do than black and white movie images. In hindsight, roughing in pencil could have prevented the skewing due to scale issues. Interesting to note, I usually have an audience consisting of the company I.T. department watching me paint. If I could, I would have kept Hitchcock when the canvass came down, now I just have the photographs to remember it by.

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