Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fan Art for Covers

Steeke Reeling (Posterized and Framed)

Steele Here, To Keep You Warm
I also sketched cover art to go with the fanf iction I've been writing for Remington Steele. While I am mind-mapping, I often make doodles to help me visualize the story. My pocket sketchbook is used for much more than portraits or just Star Trek characters. (See my rendition of Dr. Crusher.)

When it looks flat, as is most often the case when using my pencil stubs, I put it through light and filters to see the drawing in a different perspective.

Since I am quite new to composition, the small size of the sketchbook is making easy to plan the picture. Scale is one of the things I am trying to work on.

Monday, November 13, 2017

More Sketches

This is a sketch of actress Stephanie Zimbalist as Laura Holt. It was done before the drawing previous post. It's taken from a scene in the second season episode Hounded Steele. The hat framed the face very effectively. There was a lot of bright sunlight. It's also one of the times I went straight to HB pencil.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Latest Sketches

Increased brightness and Posterized
I have been drawing lately to exercise my right ("lazy") eye. It helps to keep it focused on something. I've been watching Remington Steele on DVD. I have a bit of blind spot on my right side. So. It's always a challenge starting a new drawing. As I did a few of these already, I began to notice that Stephanie Zimbalist's left eye seemed bigger than her right. It wasn't just in my drawings. If I have to choose, I prefer exterior scenes, that last more than five frames.
Because I haven't scanned these, I found the light cast on it added depth that wasn't in the original drawing.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Challenging Betta Photography

Since bringing home my latest betta, I have been trying to find time to admire him. Working again makes it difficult. It feels like I have neglected it too much when I am home. Where the fishbowl sits is not well lit and winter lighting is so dull; I have trouble getting in a good shot. Until today. The fish's colour and shape are contributing factors to the challenge. He is a normal betta, with regular fins. Does that make him more aggressive? He certainly has flared his gills. He prefers to look at humans through the water surface rather than the glass.

I used the Auto settings with auto flash on this fish. The Canon Power Shot SD870 IS aquarium setting needs more light. The lens has to be right up close to the bowl, or the bounce back will horrible. The first shot used a tissue paper as a diffuser. The second shot was taken with a cut up plastic film container. I like how the light reflected off the table.

Monday, October 19, 2015



Would you be disappointed if there was so little colour change in foliage? Not when the weather is this nice. Mid October and people can still be out in short pants is practically unheard of in my time living in Scarborough.

The Other Side

The Other Side

It has been a busy Summer and Fall with work and outdoor activities. I have neglected my fish friends. I still enjoying using my old Canon G1 for my calico fantail. With a piece toilet tissue paper folded over two times, I manage to diffuse much of flash when she swims right up to the front like that. It's a treat also to be able to show off the flip side of this goldfish.

Shanghai Interlude

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