Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fan Expo 2013 One Man Can Make a Difference

The one man that made a difference this year was David Hasselhoff. Who else could tell a joke and then lapse into song in the first 2 minutes, of making an entrance? His appearance at Fan Expo coincided with his career comeback. A movie? A documentary? A music tour? Getting his autograph earlier made my day.
With the expanded venue, I really appreciated a respite before going at it again on Sunday. The line up to buy tickets was nothing compared to the amount of people. Going on a Saturday was unthinkable.

Two showroom floors meant more to see. There was one ape who was in complete character no matter who he encounter. Looking in peoples bags in exchange for a photo op. While I was browsing at prices in the autograph area, I noticed these puppets. Apparently, I just ran into Ruffus The Dog.
Among the celebrities I saw speak were Richard Dean Anderson, David Hasselhoff, Karl Urban, and Carrie Fisher. The theatre was the only time I could find sit down for almost an hour. I was otherwise constantly on the move. To my delight, Karl Urban did talk about being on Xena: The Warrior Princess. You might remember he played a memorable Cupid and Caesar on that series. Carrie Fisher reminisced about the original 'Star Wars' and her work as an author.
For those who know me well, I found a great reason to buy T-shirts. Dragon's Lair and Space Ace were 2 games I did conversion work on, early in my career. It was nice to be able to add them to my collection of memorabilia.
To be able to have a photo with a very hardworking celebrity at Fan Expo. Many people do not know that Erin Gray, as owner of Heroes for Hire, is the person behind the celebrity appearances at these events everywhere. I have been fortunate to meet this very gracious lady on more than one occasion.