Sunday, January 10, 2016

Challenging Betta Photography

Since bringing home my latest betta, I have been trying to find time to admire him. Working again makes it difficult. It feels like I have neglected it too much when I am home. Where the fishbowl sits is not well lit and winter lighting is so dull; I have trouble getting in a good shot. Until today. The fish's colour and shape are contributing factors to the challenge. He is a normal betta, with regular fins. Does that make him more aggressive? He certainly has flared his gills. He prefers to look at humans through the water surface rather than the glass.

I used the Auto settings with auto flash on this fish. The Canon Power Shot SD870 IS aquarium setting needs more light. The lens has to be right up close to the bowl, or the bounce back will horrible. The first shot used a tissue paper as a diffuser. The second shot was taken with a cut up plastic film container. I like how the light reflected off the table.