Believe it or not. I've only started to write fiction since May 2010. It was supposed to carry me through the summer. Not only am I still writing, I've even started writing original stories. I like to think I have a style, but I don't have a clue, however I do try to be true to myself. So long as someone reads my work, I will continue to write. I am really grateful that websites like Fanfiction.net exists.


Here are some samples of my writing that can be found online.


Steele Here,To Keep You Warm (Remington Steele TV series) - I am exploring the possibilities with an established character from the show. Thanks to the podcast Best Episode Ever for reminding me of this series.


The Last Goodbye of Hawkeye Pearce (MASH TV series) - One-shot introspective of Hawkeye. Watching the series repeatedly in reruns, the episode "In Love and In War" where Hawkeye finds love was the most memorable.


Remember Me (Fringe TV series) - Inspired by the casting news for Olivia's alternate universe mother. I imagined how they would meet and what they might say to each other. I even made up the name Ellen. It's interesting to note even if I didn't know who was cast to play her at the time, I managed to make her similar to the one on the show.

The Promise (Fringe TV series) - Inspired by watching a scene of UK BBC series Prime Suspect and a glass of vodka. What would Olivia be like 10 years from now living out her days out in the alternate universe?

Christmas is Magic Time (Fringe TV series) - Humorous take on an seasonal prompt.

Heart (Fringe TV series) - The ultimate alternate universe. I wanted more of the Other Side and the fascinating Olivia Dunham over there. Peter Bishop lives here and circumstances will throw him and the memorable Fringe Division Agent together for an interesting adventure.

Fear Not Death (Fringe TV series) - One-shot based on the line "I'm not afraid to die."

I Am Spock (Fringe TV series) - I was itching to write this, since Charlie Francis made Star Trek part of his banter. Vulcan mind-meld indeed. It was so much fun to write, I could have gone on forever.

Bedrock (Fringe TV series) - Time travel? To Bedrock no less. Remember Jay Giggles Flintstone? A kooky and spooky atmosphere seemed a perfect fit for the Fringe universe. It's a likely Sam Weiss and Peter's co-venture. Some day I may return to this.

In Kind (Fringe TV series) - One-shot based on pastry?

To Stephen (Castle TV series) - Tribute to writer Stephen J. Cannell

Deducted Reasoning (Body of Proof TV series) - Brief character one-shot for Megan Hunt. This is a modified version posted to Fanfiction.net and TheBodyisProof.com. I am still not sure about using medical jargon in the future.

Please Don't Make Me Go (Bones TV series) - I have watched Bones on and off since the very beginning. The impact of Vincent's death in episode "The Hole in the Heart" compelled me to come up with something in response. For someone who love to spew random thoughts myself, I have a certain affinity for this character. With him saying he didn't want to leave made the moment he died that much more poignant.

This short little story broke all sorts of records. Overnight, it had reached 1000 hits. For a single day, the hit counter was more than 900, surpassing all of my favourite stories. The fact I wrote it so quickly was also unusual for me. I seem to be making a habit of doing dedication to fictional characters and real life people.


All works posted to FictionPress.com.

Shanghai Interlude Revisited - Rewrites happen quite often I am told. This was the final version originally posted to ReadWave (defunct) as Shanghai Interlude.

A Dutch Summer in Toronto - First original piece remembering the Summer of '79