Sunday, January 10, 2016

Challenging Betta Photography

Since bringing home my latest betta, I have been trying to find time to admire him. Working again makes it difficult. It feels like I have neglected it too much when I am home. Where the fishbowl sits is not well lit and winter lighting is so dull; I have trouble getting in a good shot. Until today. The fish's colour and shape are contributing factors to the challenge. He is a normal betta, with regular fins. Does that make him more aggressive? He certainly has flared his gills. He prefers to look at humans through the water surface rather than the glass.

I used the Auto settings with auto flash on this fish. The Canon Power Shot SD870 IS aquarium setting needs more light. The lens has to be right up close to the bowl, or the bounce back will horrible. The first shot used a tissue paper as a diffuser. The second shot was taken with a cut up plastic film container. I like how the light reflected off the table.

Monday, October 19, 2015



Would you be disappointed if there was so little colour change in foliage? Not when the weather is this nice. Mid October and people can still be out in short pants is practically unheard of in my time living in Scarborough.

The Other Side

The Other Side

It has been a busy Summer and Fall with work and outdoor activities. I have neglected my fish friends. I still enjoying using my old Canon G1 for my calico fantail. With a piece toilet tissue paper folded over two times, I manage to diffuse much of flash when she swims right up to the front like that. It's a treat also to be able to show off the flip side of this goldfish.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring - Kai Shu Script Wei Bei Style

At last, something worth sharing. After many Youtube video tutorials, it was time to put it to practice. It did not occur to me that regular script (Kai Shu) would have so many varieties. The differences are owing to different master calligraphers. I chose a form that was aesthetically pleasing, and something I have yet to try before.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Highlights of 2014

View outside work
The blog has been under active in 2014. Other than starting a new full time job, most of the year I found myself out of doors rather than sitting in front of a computer. Going back to work after such a long absence, it was necessary to take up Tai Chi. It's now taking longer to focus on projects, but the weather warms up, I will move things along. Here is a photo highlight the past year.


Here is the most recent photo of my goldfish - a fantail, that I would like to submit to my portfolio. It is my favourite goldfish shot to date. I had to use a flash as this type of fish would not stay put. Using the a piece of tissue folded over 3 times gave the optimal effect. On top of that, the image was framed perfectly with the old Canon G1. As a specimen, it is somewhat less than ideal. The short tail fin is almost completely joined in the middle, and there seem to be a deformed anal fin. All of which contributed to her swimming unevenly. I hope to celebrate the 3 month mark with an updated shot from a Canon ELPH for comparison. The scales are much more pronounced now.

Shanghai Interlude

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