Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Five Foot Road: In Search of a Vanished China by Angus McDonald

A recent article from the Globe and Mail, Celebrating Canadian non-fiction, er, factual writing recognizes the efforts of non-fiction writers in Canada.
“I’ve always described it as the toughest writing of all, because you need to use all the novelist’s bag of tricks – pacing, figures of speech, compelling characters, narrative momentum – but at the same time it has to be true.” Despite its dubious commercial value, “more and more Canadian writers are mastering this most challenging genre,” says veteran author Katherine Ashenburg, a former judge for the Writers’ Trust prize.
I find it truly engaging to read non-fiction. If I wasn't looking for something to read, I would never have come across these. Book exchanges and discount tables are a great place find them. The Five Foot Road: In Search of a Vanished China (9780062586537): Angus McDonald: Books The Elsewhere Community (The Massey lectures series) (9780887846076): Hugh Kenner: Books 

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