Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.04 - Talking Heads - Recap

Imagine that your hand was the only thing that told the story of you.

Human remains are found by a homeless man. The victim had been dismembered. The investigation recovers only a hand and a foot.

With Detective Bud away from the scene, we got to see more of Detective Sam Baker in action.

Initial examination revealed a first name, occupation and that he was a recent casino winner.

The next day, back at the office, Megan preps everyone for Lacey's visit for a social studies assignment. Dr. Hunt drafted a schedule and scripts for everyone to be interviewed and instructed them to hide the gory stuff. Hard to do in a morgue right?

"Make me look good." To which Curtis quiped, "So you want us to lie." Earning him a slap on the back of his head.

When more of the victim is found in an alley, Ethan reluctantly go to the dump to look for body parts. "Nobody deserves to end up like that."

Megan lays down the ground rules for Lacey. "No filming of bodies or body parts or bodies under sheets... Remember that these are people and we respect them at all times."

Peter and Sam found the rest of him in his freezer minus the head.

Lacey wasn't happy that her mother is so controlling. It's impossible to get anything past her.

Ethan's argument that convinced Megan to open up to Lacey.
"We are trying understand how this man died, based on the parts we can see, and is getting us nowhere. Has it ever occurred to you that Lacey is trying understand you and all she can see is the parts you are willing to show her?"

The hand of Callum Shane O'Donnell.
He build skyscrapers with this hand.
He held his baby daughter with this hand.
This hand gave her money so she can go to art school.

His killer left him to die.
He was cut up in his bathtub.
Then parts of him were kept hidden in a freezer, while the rest of him was thrown out like yesterday's trash.

Kate was amused that Lacey was so unlike her mother.
However, when Lacey became more involved with the case, she was just as eager to stick around until they catch the killer. Peter mused, like mother like daughter.

The body is the proof. He was obviously well cared for. Megan talked the victim's caregiver into admitting why she had to cut up her employer. From there, they find the head. The cause of death. And finally the man's killer.

At the end of the day, Lacey rewarded Megan by showing her the experience she took away with her.

Imagine that your hand was the only thing that told the story of you. What were your dreams? Who loved you? Who's grieving now that you are gone? - Megan

This is where death rejoices to teach the living.

Every person has something to teach us and we never stop learning. - Peter

They are not just dead bodies to us. They are the stories of a life. It is our job to tell it. - Megan

Thanks to a school project, Lacey got to see Dr. Megan Hunt through this young girl's eyes. It made her proud to be her mother's daughter.

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