Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.09 - Broken Home - Recap

Well. It was a good place to end the season. Megan and Lacey bonding over lunch. Or Lacey taking Megan's side in Todd dating Kate issue.

This episode starts off with young philanthropist Nikki Parkson dead. Then when Lacey got into trouble at school for looking at paparazzi photos of the her dead role model, Todd and Megan presented a united front to discipline their daughter, which she would later interpret as her parents getting back together.
Something in the pictures causes Megan to suddenly leave a meeting with the principal and was once again in full work mode, just when Todd was letting her to be more involved in Lacey's life.

Megan was determined to stop the funeral, even if it will get her into trouble. During the course of the investigation, the family truly believed that Nikki had hanged herself, but Megan found out it was made to look like suicide. Nikki was strangled to death. Ethan missed vital evidence, because he thought it pointless since she was already embalmed. It was a real mystery.

"She was already dying, why would someone want to murder her?"

Sam got it right. It was about money.

Not only did her sister conspired to con her money and got her killed, her own mother (Jill Eikenberry, L.A. Law) was withholding medication.

Meanwhile Megan figured out from a conversation with Lacey that Todd was dating her boss. Megan was right to get angry with Todd for putting her in an untenable position (definition of untenable: Incapable of being defended, as an argument). She had to work with Kate. It would be too awkward for her. Todd didn't get why it should be a problem. Peter didn't get it either.

Peter makes an interesting or rather annoying observation. Whenever something bothered Megan, she always draws solace from the dead.

Megan accepts the fact and is pleased when Lacey understands her frustration.

Favourite line:
Sam to Peter: You two can't wait for me to find the bodies, you gonna find them on your own now huh?

Four more episodes from the first season will be aired in season two. I am looking forward to seeing those in September.

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