Monday, February 13, 2012

This Past Week on TV: My Top Caps

As some shows like Pan Am roll off after their first year run, I have been getting a chance to gain interest in new and old shows alike.

This past week, I saw Jane Curtain's return to TV as coroner on Unforgettable (CBS). It's the first time I have seen her in a drama and I hope she sticks around.

After watching 8x11 "This Magic Moment" and 8x12 "Hope for the Hopeless" of Grey's Anatomy (ABC), I found the super-sized ensemble cast quite endearing.

Lastly, I found myself watching the rest of House (FOX) 8x11 "Nobody's Fault" online, on the recommendation of TV Guide Canada.

Now for the visual portion of this post...

The Finder - Episode 1.05 - The Great Escape

In this episode, while Walter Sherman is hired to find a counterfeiter, he has a dream in an art studio. Interestingly, the characters populating this dream were of a 2-dimensional nature. First, there were three cardboard stand-ups of men. When they moved, they move like flat objects. Then a girl in a painting comes to life.

Grimm - Episode 1.11 - Tarantella

The focus was mostly on Lena the black widow spider creature (Amy Acker) in the case that Detective Nick Burkhardt is investigating. Killing people to stay beautiful troubles her. Much of her self-reflection have no dialogue. The last scene in jail just makes an interesting composition.

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