Monday, April 23, 2012

The Living Bride Returns - Part 3 (1)

I want to show I have been toiling over the plot of this story. Not as easy as I thought, considering it is mostly character driven. I shall refrain from referring to the sections as chapters, however this is the first of this part I have started for the post. Seeing it in so many places should spur on the word count, not that it matters for my purposes.

Arrival on such short notice meant that there was no one to welcome Meifeng home at the train station in Canton. She paid a man with a motor scooter fifty yuan to ferry her to the old town, and thereby the estate.

The old house had changed much since she last saw it. The brick walls torn down, replaced by a thick grove of bamboo. With most of the old town gone and rebuilt, the house looks out of time and out of place.

One could see small add on here and there to the various structures. Laundry being dried on the clothes lines stretching from rooftops, with the other end disappearing in some window, took away the glory that such a place used to stand for. It looked more like a cul-du-sac than a fine estate.

Meifeng had the man drop her off by the road side, so she could walk the rest of the way. The ruts in the path made it difficult to tread in her town shoes. She held on to them in her free hand and proceeded in her bare feet.

Letters from home mentioned that four other families had moved in. The sight of it took some getting used to.

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