Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anne: Journey to Green Gables

A few years ago, when I was browsing my IMDB page, I saw two different credits appear for Anne: Journey to Green Gables. There is a very interesting story to go with that.

After Walt Disney Animation Toronto closed, I took over as Design Coordinator for a former colleague. This was my first production job, so I was naturally very green. Not long into this contract, I had a previous obligation to another job. Regrettably, I had to quit before the end of the project.
That other production did not last either. Over a year had past before I connected with this studio again. I had called the producer for 'lunch'. Instead of networking with her, I was offered a job. That is when I came back as a Production Assistant.
Now, it had been a while since I had seen the movie. There was just the screening at the Royal Ontario Museum, after production wrapped. I had no way of reading what was on the screen then. Until CTV started airing the Anne of Green Gables series Sundays this month. That is when I got to see my name appear twice. Considering this was not part of the live action mini series, I was very surprised to find the film streaming for a limited time. To think, this was the only feature for which I could not find the DVD.

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