Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Living Bride Returns - Story

It has been months since I started writing this. I got stuck obviously. Unable to come up with a hook, I started to think about motivations for all the characters in my story. To that end, I have an outline of sorts.

Meifeng has been haunted, during the day and at night. She feared it has to do with failure to fulfill her part of in a marriage contract she consented to when she was young. She is certain to find a resolution in going back to the ancestral home in China.

While Lili, her old friend may welcome her home, it would be a painful reminder for Chen Fu, the younger illegitimate Chen son and father of her child. It would be an uncomfortable reunion, especially since an accident left Chen Fu mentally unstable.

After staying the night in her old room, Meifeng goes into town to look for a hotel room and notify her friend Leo where to find her.

Before Meifeng can make the call though, she is involved in a terrible accident, fate unknown.

Waking up in some sort of underworld, Meifeng encounters the spirit of Chen Yuan, her husband in name only. He is an immortal and is as young as the day he died. He has spent the years since his own mother's death learning about his destiny with Meifeng.

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