Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Walk Cycle in GIMP

It is almost Chinese New Year. I had an idea for animating a character. The one that came to mind was the one for person. It even looks like a man. What would I need to make it move though? I drew the 2 strokes first. But that is still a static interpretation.
The Paths Tool in GIMP was something I had not tried yet. It lets me draw the path and paint the strokes. In time, I almost matched the shape of the strokes I made from scratch.
This gave me a skeleton to work with. It was a something that could be manipulated as desired.
Use the Stroke Path dialog box to choose a brush type to paint the strokes. I chose Ink. Make sure beforehand the brush size is what you want.
Add a new layer and change the shape of the path. Deform it. And then I created the radical symbol for person.
Lastly, after repeating the steps to deform the strokes, the walk cycle is complete.

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