Thursday, February 5, 2015

From History's Shadow by Dayton Ward

With all this talk of The X-Files reboot, I returned to watching the last two seasons of the TV series. What's left of it that I had on VHS cassette anyway. Over time, I have a whole new appreciation for these episodes. Which makes my recent read of Dayton Ward's From History's Shadow that much more exciting.
This story takes the reader through the two times James T. Kirk's travel back into Earth's past and fills in the gaps in between with some familiar faces from Star Trek canon and interesting new characters.
As a fan of the UFO genre, the written details were very easy to visualize. It gave the story a tone that was reminiscent of the early seasons of The X-Files and an ambiance similar to the Dark Skies TV series.
This was the first time I've read a new novel from Star Trek The Original Series and not been disappointed by it as I have been with The Next Generation relaunch.
Looking forward to what the author will come up with next.

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