Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mentions of Jasper Fforde

Here is Ryan Mcgee's Recap: 'Fringe' - 'Marionette': "In some ways, last week’s episode of “Fringe” could have served as a perfectly satisfactory Fall finale for the show. Getting the two Olivias back to their home universes could have marked the end of one block of programming and allowed things to start from there next January,..."

Olivia and Fauxlivia are both the heroines of their respective tales, or at least until they were stepped into each others’ novels. Now Olivia Dunham is a broken version of Tuesday Next. (Written, of course, by Jasper Ffringe.)

In Ryan's Mcgee's review, he made a reference to Jasper Fforde and the heroine in his Thursday Next series. Thursday Next has the ability to jump from fiction to fiction, quite literally taking part in the story. In a way, he likens the experience of the two Olivias to jumping into each other's book. You know. I've been a big fan of the book series and I never looked at Fringe that way before.

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