Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing for the Chinese Newspaper

Back in 1987, I got a taste of being published. At Chinese school, we had studied about China's invention in printing. The class took a tour of Singtao Newspaper printing office, then on Dundas at Spadina. We were late, so we didn't get to se the paper printed. I still saw the old and new technology used in the printing process. The old ways requires a thorough understanding of the Chinese language, as the typesetter have to select the correct radical that makes up the different characters. The root character when paired with a different radical gives the newly formed character a new meaning. Today, they rely on translation software, which sometimes loses the meaning along the way.
This was the article I wrote about that tour. It appeared in an edition of the paper. There must have been some edits, because I notice that there are characters in there that I don't know how to read much less write. For those who can't read Chinese, I never advanced beyond grade 5. Even so I can still manage to comprehend 90% of the articles I do read.

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