Friday, February 25, 2011


So while I wait to catch a couple of snails and then top up my 10 gallon aquarium, here are some old photos of my former pet guppies. I learned a lot about photography with these beauties. They are all gone now, but I am lucky to have these fond reminders. (Loneguppy also means $$$ down the toilet.) These are special because I didn't have to pay a cent for them. We had a fish exchange at work. So by the time I got my stock, they were inbreeding at an alarming rate, and further reproduction was becoming unlikely. Still I had my fill of baby guppies. The last surviving female had a spine deformity and I suspect was infertile.

10 gallon. Diffused flash with tissue paper.
2 gallon. The brood of thirteen I got from work.
Wee babies
Fishbowl. The overflow with more babies.
With the babies, I never get to watch them be born. I just keep finding them.

I hope to have new pictures of the goldfish soon.

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