Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shit My Dad Says - Episode 1.18 - Who's Your Daddy? - Recap

"Holy Bleep!

In the season finale, the Goodson family just got a little bigger.

After talking with Laura, a young woman Henry met on Facebook, Ed suspects that she could be his daughter. She knew stuff about his past she couldn't possibly have otherwise known.

Meanwhile, Vince and Bonnie get to sell a house on their favourite reality TV program. During filming, Bonnie finds out that she is finally pregnant. (I can see it now. Ed delivering his own grandchild.)

As it turns out, Laura was not his daughter. She claims that her boyfriend is Ed's son.

Vince and Bonnie may be expecting their first child, it's Ed who just finds out he's a dad again. Who is Ed's other son?

With a cliffhanger like that, there has got to be season two in the works.

Random Thoughts:

Trying to remember the name of the black actor who was in all those Rush Hour movies is Chris Tucker.

Doing 'devil horns' makes people think you're a schmuck.

I'm gonna go online and 'Like' that.

You're not a bad father... your boys love you.

Ed loves not wearing underwear.

When a door closes and a window opens, sometimes that window slams shut and the first door opens again, and then a baby walks through it... The door is Bonnie's vagina."

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