Friday, February 18, 2011

$#*! My Dad Says - Season One Overview

Fans of Justin Halpern's twitter feed were a little surprised to learn that CBS made a sitcom series based on it. The writing had not always hit the mark with every episode since it started, but $#*! My Dad Says has found a following despite that. The show owes it's success to veteran actor William Shatner.

I admit I was roped into watching it based on his live pitch back in August 2010, but I only got to watch the reruns over Christmas. When I finally did, I was hooked immediately. My first impression. His character is the Archie Bunker of the twenty first century! Except what they say sometimes would make All in the Family seem politically correct.

William Shatner is outspoken Ed Goodson, a retired naval surgeon, living on his own in San Diego, until youngest son Henry (Jonathan Sadowski) moves in after loosing his job. Ed also takes in oldest son Vince (Will Sasso) and his wife Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan), after they quit their jobs and sold their condo to start up their own real estate business. The appeal is that Ed has something to say about everything.

Living under one roof, Henry found success from writing about living with his father, Vince and Bonnie decided to start a family, and Ed got to know his children better.

Ed is not a bad father.
The series became more interesting when Rosemary (Jean Smart) was introduced as Ed's neighbour and lover. It's kind of nice to see a little romance.

Ed is a romantic.
The season ended with a smattering of more surprises. After months of trying, Vince and Bonnie managed to get pregnant. In a cliffhanger ending that is sure to drive fans crazy with anticipation, Ed found out he had fathered another son, in a moment of indiscretion. (Only one?) Holy bleep! The audience will just have to wait for season two to find out who he is.

My Season One Recaps:
1.11 Family Dinner with the Schmucks
1.12 Goodson Goes Deep
1.13 The Better Father
1.14 Corn Star
1.15 Ed Goes to Court
1.16 Well Suitored
1.17 Lock and Load
1.18 Who's Your Daddy?

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