Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raising Hope - Episode 1.14 - What Up, Cuz? - Recap

Raising Hope - Episode 1.14 - What Up, Cuz? - Recap:

"Tom Jones, hot sauce, and French kissing

Burt's hiding from Maw Maw, because she thinks he's her dead husband Wilfred again. Jimmy commiserates with him.
'Do you think this happens in other people's houses in the middle of the night, and they're too embarrass to talk about it?'

Virginia freaks out when she finds out her cousin Delilah (Amy Sedaris) is coming for a visit. 'Burt, do my thing.'

Not only is she after a share of the house, she also had her sites set on Burt. While her life turned out slightly better, Delilah was still fuming because Virginia stole her way to second base with Burt, when they were teenagers. Before they invite her into their home, the family has Jimmy sneak Maw Maw out of the house, on account of Virginia lied to Delilah about Maw Maw being dead.

We see Jimmy take Maw Maw to work at the grocery store, where she almost mooned a customer and ate her way through the deli case.

Alone with Burt, Delilah lets him know her true intentions, with a tight grip on his pecs. 'I want a little piece of you.'

The suggestion was so repulsive to Burt that it got him rocking again. He argues with Virginia behind Hope's back. 'Second base -- that's under the bra. Who knows what kind of nipple drama I'm gonna find under there.'

We see how faithful Burt and Virginia are to one another.
'All these years, I thought if I ever got to touch another woman's breast it would be my freebie.'
'And if you ever run into Xena, Warrior Princess, you still have my blessing.'
'Just like you still have my blessing if you ever meet Olympic hero Greg Louganis.'

Maw Maw gives Jimmy the slip at Shelley's, takes off on Sabrina's moped, goes for a spin in Dancing Dan's roller skates, swipes Barney's tandem bike, and before Burt has to make the ultimate sacrifice for the family, she peeps into her bedroom window scaring Delilah off for good.

Notable mentions:
Instead of bald and fat, you're hot and hairful.
'Be strong and confident and never be afraid to be yourself.' Virginia tells Hope this, all the while plastic wrapping her belly.
Laser pointers with names of wiener drugs on them.
How they made the baby scowl at the camera.
Delilah's overhead toilet shot and her freaky gyrations.
I don't often mention how funny those flashback sequences are. In this episode, the scene between little Virginia and little Delilah was equally entertaining."

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