Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.01 - Pilot - Recap

I have been looking forward to this. Just when the TV landscape has been speaking only to my short attention span recently, ABC offers up a familiar genre, I missed so much from the 80s, a juicy medical mystery, in the same vein of Quincy with heart. Although, I have not seen Dana Delany's other shows as much. She is one familiar face I love to see on television. And I wasn't disappointed.

The tagline:
Brilliant neurosurgeon Megan Hunt had it all, family and career, or so she thinks... until an accident killed her... career.

After a year as medical examiner, she still has to prove herself to her bosses and struggles to have a relationship with her twelve year old daughter, when her ex-husband got full custody.

In this episode, she is assigned the case of a drowning victim. What she finds out about the girl's life is what helped find her killer.

"The body is the proof. It will tell you everything you need to know if you just have the patience to look." We can expect this to be her motto.

Megan needs friends. Medical investigator and ex-cop Peter Dunlop is the closest thing right now. He has been assigned to her for 6 months and is only starting to get to know her. He noticed that she is a lot like her latest victim. The car accident that ended her career, changed her. It's making her a better doctor.

She is out for justice. She is unapologetic about the questions she asks the suspects or who she annoys. “I'm right. He's wrong. Question is how to prove it.”

"This new you, Megan Hunt M.E., who seems to cares about dead people more than she ever did about the living. Is she for real, or is she just working off her guilt for killing a patient on the operating table?" She admits both.

She can't go back to her old job because her hands still go numb. She realized she didn't really care about her last patient until she died.

She makes people asks questions. Why did a suicide victim blow his brain's out?

She finally makes a connection with her daughter. Instead of buying her affection, she gave something from her heart, her daughter a key to her apartment. Letting her into her life. Earning her a piece of pink birthday cake.

She's brilliant and driven. She throws elbows, but gets results. The Chief Medical Examiner (Jeri Ryan), her boss respects her abilities, but warns, "The knives will come out the minute you screw up."

By the end of this episode, it succeeded in making me care about Megan Hunt.

Memorable moments:
"And detective, I take mine with cream no sugar." - Megan winks at Det. Morris after she makes her request.

"You can't kill somebody if they are already dead." - Megan tells Det. Baker why she left a career as a neurosurgeon.

Running through line:
Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Curtis Brumfield can't seem to get people to call him doctor.

I only wish I could have taken part in the live tweet with Dana Delany tonight.

Main Cast
Dana Delany as Dr. Megan Hunt
Jeri Ryan as Dr. Kate Murphy (Chief Medical Examiner), Megan's boss
John Carroll Lynch as Detective Bud Morris (Homicide Division)
Nicholas Bishop as Peter Dunlop (Medical Investigator)
Sonja Sohn as Detective Samantha Baker (Homicide Division)
Geoffrey Arend as Dr. Ethan Gross (Forensic Pathology Fellow)
Windell D. Middlebrooks as Dr. Curtis Brumfield (Deputy Chief Medical Examiner)

Recurring Characters
Mary Mouser as Lacey Fleming, Megan's 12-year-old daughter
Jeffrey Nordling as Todd Fleming, Megan's ex-husband

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