Friday, April 1, 2011

The New Betta

It was a nice day, so I went shopping at Big Al's Aquarium. I found out about a new store policy, which prevents me from purchasing more than one fish for a 2-gallon tank. Even if I wanted to get more than one guppy, I would have to get one now and get another one a week later. That sounds ridiculous because I managed to keep over a dozen juvenile guppy in the same tank before. Then again, they have a guarantee policy, whereby they will replace any fish that died within 5-days of purchase for half the price. By ensuring the one inch of fish per gallon rule, the chance a new fish will die is reduced. I can't really blame them for that.

I only have another 2-gallon tank and fishbowl left to fill. Unless I shop at another pet shop, I will have to be satisfied with this new addition. So here is my new female male betta. She He is yellowish with largely white fins. Under the hood light, it looks like a goldfish. I know it's female because, it didn't freak out at its reflection, like a male might. It is a male because of the longer fins.

She has eaten. I hope it's a good sign that she will last me at least a year or so. Maintenance requires weekly water changes. We shall see. Maybe I could give her a couple of snail pals.

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