Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paper Planes

Today, I assembled the De Haviland Tiger Moth. (The yellow one.) When I realize there were no directions to go with the model, I went by images of the actual plane. The dashboards were so tiny, I didn't think tweezers would have helped. The best time to add it was before the fuselage was complete. Like other bi-plane and tri-plane models, the bars needed more glue to make it stay in place. Finally, I'm amazed that all it took to stick on the tail fin (with absolutely no useful surface) was a thick beading of glue. Card paper was used instead of heavy bond paper.


Here is the Fokker tri-plane I put together a couple of years ago. It was a second attempt.


You can find all these models on I think I'll look for another one. They are always fun builds.

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