Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.03 - Helping Hand - Recap

Peter was surprised to see Dr. Hunt at the crime scene, on her day off. She was filling in for a colleague she didn't know very well, whose wife just had a baby.

A young woman was found dead in a motel room. Killed by a shot in the arm, with an ABC wound. “A” being the initial entry wound. “B” the exit wound in the arm. “C” the reentry wound into the torso. Hm. You can still learn a few things from an autopsy.

Unlike Peter and Sam, Megan didn't notice Bud Morris' foul mood, but signs of brain surgery on the victim caught her attention. She is shocked to learn that the girl was one of her patients. The revelation bothered her even more because she was able to remember the procedure so well, yet failed to recognize a former patient.

Speaking with the girl's father, Megan found out she had more of an impact on the young woman than she realized. Saving her life inspired her to become a social worker for child protective services.

During the course of the case, we got to know a little bit more about all Megan's co-workers, when she takes Kate's advice and start taking an interest in people. It was awkward for everyone involved and provided real funny and light moments throughout the episode.

Her first target was Detective Bud. The way she was poking him made them look like an old married couple. Perhaps of her failed marriage, it's logical that they might understand one other a bit better. He was Catholic. He had no kids. His wife Jeannie threw him out of the house again because he was not attentive enough.

Curtis was suspicious and curious at the same time by the change in Megan, however it was not enough to make him honestly admit to being a good cook, liking extreme camping and James Bond movies.

Eagle eye Ethan memorized the way she places her instruments. Only thing he likes most is the job.

Only the audience find out Peter was a foster kid.

Finding out what killed the girl was her doing her job moved Megan to make a personal connection through the case. She reassures the grieving father that his daughter did not die in vain. She made a lasting difference in people's lives.

By the end of the day, Bud was beginning to warm up to Megan. She may not be able to help him with his marriage problems, but she can certainly patch up the hole in his suit jacket.

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