Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project List: Weekending April 9, 2011

Second attempt at this old style bus
Just because I have gone back to work, it does not mean I have given up time for my various projects. For the Titanic, I will document every stage of the assembly until I bomb. It will happen. The pieces are way too small.

  1. Paper Model: Riverboat
  2. Paper Model: Lego Stormtrooper (Not sure if I did it for that scale before?)
  3. Paper Model: X-Wing (This will go well with my mini Colonial Vipers.)
  4. Paper Model: HMS Titanic (I don't hold out much hope for its completion, if it proves too difficult.)
  5. Writing: FanFiction - Drabbles of Charlie Francis' Star Trek convention adventures in "I Am Spock". Two chapters have been published already.
  6. Writing: Will begin research for the next character driven piece set in Tang Dynasty China. Question is. How do I work in a ghost story?

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