Thursday, April 21, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.05 - Dead Man Walking - Recap

A man is dead. Detective Sam Baker (again without Bud) believed it could have been a mugging gone bad, but Megan later discovered that he had bled internally to death shortly after he had surgery. Convinced it was a questionable surgical practice, Megan makes baseless accusations in front former boss, old friend, and hospital administrator Gwen Baldwin (Carolyn McCormick). Now Dr. Hunt needed Dr. Kate Murphy's authority to find evidence and access to the staple gun used in the operation. Further investigation reveals equipment tampering. The urgency to shut down the hospital heightens when Megan realizes there is still two more defective staple guns unaccounted for. You've got to love Curtis for taking the initiative to have a fungus contamination found the tampered equipment tested.

Megan also had to overcome her fears of operating again, when she needed to cut open a man to save his life. In a nice moment, Megan confesses to fainting the first time she was in an OR. Peter Dunlop assures her that he's OK. He will faint later.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Ethan had to solve how a healthy young woman could have died from a blood clot. Ethan became close to the dead woman's twin sister (played by Geoffrey Arend's real life wife Christina Hendricks). Curtis advises Ethan (Mr. cute and bossy) to wait two months before pursuing the girl.

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