Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harry's Law - Last Dance - Season Finale - Recap

Although, I do not regularly recap this show, I have watched every episode. The first season of Harry's Law ended quite literally on a high note. Lots of stuff happened in this episode that made me want to keep on watching. I am not the only one.

District Attorney Josh Peyton (Paul McCrane) had a mental break, after losing case after case to Harry and company. On top of that, he had been arrested for trespassing and assault, if only emotionally. Harry takes up the task of defending him. At his hearing, once again he goes naked in court at the chagrin of the judge, spewing his disillusionment at the legal process. It looks like the end of his career as a DA. Harry suggested he start over like she did. What did he want to do most? He expressed a desire for singing. He just wants people to like him.

Jenna confronts Malcolm for being too embarassed to show public displays of affection. Did he not love her? He assures her that he does, saying he loves everything about her including her nuttiness. Knowing how Harry feels about personal relationships in the work place, Malcolm kisses Jenna in front of her to prove his case.

Adam and Rachel try to appeal a death penalty case, arguing in court that their client had not been given a fair defense at trial. Adam's passion argument impressed everyone including Rachel, but they would eventually lose. The worst part for Adam was learning that Rachel was engaged to be married. He was still too much in love with her to settle for being just friends. Once again Harry walks in on a romantic kiss. Does that mean they are a couple now? Adam doesn't know yet.


To cheer Adam up, Harry dishes out some advice about of the job and then tells him how proud she is of him, but still think he is a pain in the ass.
The episode closes with the night's gossip.
Harry's new friend Peyton got to sing to his peers at a lawyer's gala.
Harry loses date Tommy Jefferson to another woman.
Jenna and Malcolm are out on a date.

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