Saturday, June 18, 2011

Set Design: Wizard of Oz Projection Assembly

Imagine each of the signs dropping into frame with a bounce. After a day of staring at the build tools in Keynote, that little trick would appeal to any critic. The best news is, I don't expect I'll need to put in a full day of work after today. I can still prep a lot of the photo-editing from home. (Thanks to web-apps.) I am just waiting for final image selections. Aside from that, there will be timing adjustments and colour changes.

To my delight, the text you use in Keynote animates. Depending on which build you use, you can either affect the letter, word, paragraph or the entire selection as an object. (I think that feature is also in PowerPoint.) Next time, I will definitely share a sample QT video of this scene.

I won't have to work on this until July, so it will be a while. I will be trying to propose more alternatives for the animated sequences. I am confident, I can create more elements.

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