Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free Agents - Episode 1.04 - Rebranding - Recap

It takes team effort to find Alex a date.
Whoa! That was good. The cast of supporting characters is starting to fall into the workplace.

If that didn't get your attention. Anthony Stewart Head's Stephen put his lips to the class partition to get Helen's attention.

I would be delliquent for not showing my support for one of favourite series of the season. Before I watched this episode, I figured out why this show appealed to me. The dynamic at Hale Dayton reminded me of the WJM newsroom in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. This episode in particular enhanced that perception 100%. Dan and Gregg are the work versions of Rhoda and Phyllis. Emma is Sue Ann Nivens. Then Stephen would be Murray. Walter the security guy could be Rhoda's doorman Carlton. Can you see it?

Back to the episode.

Watching an attractive woman pity Alex prompted the team to fix him, in the public relations sense, so that he can to move on from the emotional mess that he is. To that end, Helen starts an online dating profile for Alex.

Alex who doesn't want to be fixed, would rather stick with Helen. She was eager for him to go on one date. She will find one if he will. Dan advises Alex on packaging for the first date. One word. Peacocking. "You want bold elements that draw in the eye and starts a conversation."

Helen got more than a little jealous when Alex finds someone he had a lot in common with. Not only because her date had shortcomings, but because Alex planned a second date with the same woman. On top of that, she was getting anywhere with the wife of an unfaithful client. Understanding maybe she needed to soften her tactics, Helen tries to use emotion to win her over. In an unconvincing and oddly familiar comedic manner.

Bottom line, it worked out for the best. The new Alex, through with emotional stuff wants to be with Helen. And in a very MTM fashion, Helen is still cautious about letting other people at work see them were together.

Speaking of rebranding. I can't help but notice Dan and Gregg. They are better when not together all the time. While Dan is still more or less the same, Gregg is a voice of sensitivity. All it needed was to define what each of them do in the office.

This show might not last, but this episode showed potential. For what it's worth, it will always be a plus for me.

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