Thursday, October 6, 2011

Harry's Law - Episode 2.03 - Sins of the Father - Recap

Harry's Law - Episode 2.03 - Sins of the Father - Recap:

"The cast change, the set change, or the somewhat new format. Whatever reason people had for not watching Harry's Law, they will be impressed again by this episode.

This was the trial I have been waiting for, to see Harry in action in a courtroom toe to toe with D.A. Roseanna Remmick (Jean Smart). Reading the preview led me to believe the case would drag on. Little did I know that Harry would discredit Remmick with one case, when it took her three cases to best D.A. Josh Peyton (Paul McCrane) in Season 1. Clearly Remmick will not be friends with Harry Korn. I wonder what her history was that would force her to risk having the case dismissed to convict an innocent man. The part suits Jean Smart. I like to see Roseanna come back for a rematch.

You are not gonna get the same drama from the shoe store cases. I did miss Jenna, Harry's old assistant, in this episode. She seemed to be operating full time down in the shoe store. I like the interaction of the new cast. Just don't expect me to make comparisons because of the addition of Mark Valley; I haven't seen Boston Legal. The office may be bigger now, but if you remember back in May, Harry was charged by a tribunal to stay on as a defense lawyer to keep from being disbarred. Given all these changes, it still is the same Harry taking sides for justice. I would give it a chance. What do you think?

Best line: Eric Saunders expressing his feelings before trial.
I was just thinking about my grandfather. At times of distress, he used to like to tell jokes. Two tigers walk into the jungle. One start licking his ass. The other stops to ask, "Hey, what are you doing?" The first tiger says, "I just ate a lawyer, trying to get the taste out of my mouth." Oh my God. I am gonna be sentenced to death.

Favourite Moment: Tommy Jefferson giving pep talk to Harry.

Best Plot Twist: The Witness for the Prosecution twist with the daughter was totally unexpected and worked for the story.

OK. TV, you have my full attention today."

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