Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Week in TV: My Top 3 Caps

I once listened to the movie Jerry Maguire. I was painting a plaster sculpture at the time and couldn't really lift my head up until I was done. I do that a lot these days when watching TV. Mostly because my eyes tire often. It gives the program I am 'viewing' a new perspective, the second time around. It's no surprise that what I watch sometimes appeal to all five senses. So I say if you don't like it the first time, try watching it with eyes closed or audio off, as I do a second time. You might be surprised to find something you missed before. Today I was referring to the last aired episode of Charlie's Angels and all four episodes of Free Agents.

With even more shows getting canceled, which some say are too early, it's even more important for us to embrace the shows we love along with all its good and bad qualities. Ignore negative opinions and make a stand for your favourites no matter what. Television has become a popularity contest, Whoever is making the decision, as to which stay, should know what we see. I am just one person. I can't promise what I find worth mentioning is right for you, but at least I am trying.

Harry's Law - Episode 2.04 - Queen of Snark
"This is not good bye."

Jenna's emotional goodbye to the law firm was not easy for her friends. It doesn't make it any easier that we know it was coming.
Jenna to Tommy: I was the first... to say that you're are sweet and sentimental.
Jenna to Adam: And maybe most of all you Scarecrow.
Harry to Jenna: You should have a memento of what you built.

Happily Divorced - 1.03 - Anniversary

Fran questions why Peter is still so sentimental about their failed marriage.
"It was a mistake. A BIG mistake!"

Pan Am - Episode 1.04 - Eastern Exposure

Satan designed this approach.
I love how they created this landing scene. That's me as a kid all over again looking up at the belly of a jumbo jet. Years later, when I was on plane staring down, I was close enough to see the dining table of some home.

Ted lost his chance for the 'right stuff' on account of business.
"Accept your honorable discharge honorably and move on. There are plenty of blue skies ahead."

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