Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harry's Law - Episode 2.06 - The Rematch - Recap

Defendant not guilty
When former prosecutor Josh 'Puck' Peyton is charged with aiding and abetting a child abductor,  it's up to Harry and Adam to defend him and it pits Harry against District Attorney Roseanna Remmick in open court once again. Or as Roseanna put it, "Tree versus troll, a rematch." Meanwhile, Tommy and Cassie counsels an elderly couple in a divorce case.

For a change, Rosie was playing by the book and
was unrelenting in making an example of Puck for turning his back on their life calling: law and order. Because it was personal, her defeat at the end was a blow. We saw a vulnerable person behind the condescending bully. The audience saw it, then Puck and Harry. It was effectively portrayed with no dialogue.

What else do we learn
I like what the divorce case did for Tommy. He really is sentimental, and it showed in how he cared about Abe's plight.
Cassie was also affected by her interactions with Abe. As Harry tells her, having clients can sometimes be rewarding.
Ollie has an opinion on everything, making him quite the devil's advocate.

Worth mentioning
Cassie (Karen Olivo) singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" to help reach Abe.
Guest stars Katherine Helmond (Soap, Who's the Boss) and Fyvush Finkel (Picket Fences, Boston Public) delivered some of the most memorable performances. Most impressive was his Abe lapsing from lucidity, jokes, and dementia, sometimes all in one take.

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