Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Week in TV: My Top 3 Caps

Halloween Programming took over. Most of my regular shows were repeats. At times like these, I thoroughly enjoy a movie break on TV. Sleepy Hollow has to be one of my favourite Johnny Depp movies.

Pan Am - Episode 1.06 - Genuine Article

Maggie's job is on the line. She uses Ginny's love for Dean as leverage to get the VP on her side. We see later that she is already regretting her actions. What will happen to Captain Dean Lowry?

InSecurity - Episode 2.04 - The Spy Who Fed Me

While Burt and Jo Jo are on surveillance assignment, they engaged in STAKEOUT MAKEOUT. To break the awkward tension afterwards, they each take out a little light reading, Burt a paperback in French, and Jo Jo a published PhD. Jo Jo expressed that she rather not complicate their working relationship, but also let Burt know that he is very much still her type. Awww.

Desperate Housewives - Episode 8.05 - The Art of Making Art

This was from the previous week, but I wanted a chance to highlight it.
To be taken seriously by her art instructor, Susan practices being in the nude around the house. Although, there were plenty of moments with Teri Hatcher, the reaction of Lee and Bob's mother, when Susan answers the door was really funny.

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