Friday, December 2, 2011

Project List: December 2, 2011

I was at a gathering with the other novelists from NaNoWriMo last night celebrating the end of November. It was incredibly inspiring, to hear about all the different experiences so far. It gave me an idea to help my story along, because the writing isn't over until the next cycle begins. If I had known that all I needed was to be with other people to get swept up in creativity, I would have went out more often. Oh well. I have managed to come up with something that kept up most of the night. Hm, I should write that.
After the last party and Christmas stuff is done, I will carry on with more projects.
A photo of the Tie Fighter and Cylon Raider next?
In no particular order...

  • Paper Model: U.S.S. Voyager. I have new ink now, I should be able to print out that model. With this netbook, I cannot check the ink volume anymore.
  • Paper Model: Titanic. I mention that I would that before. Suffice to say there was too much going on for that to happen.
  • Paper Model: Imperial Stormtrooper. I have the head cut out. I am wondering how much to scale that up by to pose next to the Cylon helmet.
  • Writing: The Living Bride (redux).
  • Writing: FanFiction - The misadventures of Peter Bishop in Sam Weiss' Bedrock.
  • Animation: I have to make my annual seasons greeting, so it is the animated GIF. They are different every year.

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