Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Muppets

All frogs can talk, they just have nothing to say.

The Muppets are timeless characters on TV. Having grown up with them throughout the 1980s, it makes me happy to see them on screen again and so often. Starting with an appearance to promote The Muppets movie on Dancing With The Stars last Tuesday followed by an appearance on last week's Saturday Night Live.

My favourite was the one I stumbled upon. A CBC Radio interview on Studio Q. If you are a fan of Kermit, this is not to be missed. Check it out at www.cbc.ca/video

He talks about life being a frog, fame, and Jim Henson. A charming dude if I ever saw one.

More images below the break.

Performing a song from The Muppets

The Judges of that number

Singing with Jason Segel on SNL

Statler and Waldoff complete the ensemble

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