Thursday, January 19, 2012

Six Degrees of Star Trek

In 2011, I still cannot get enough Star Trek. I started to listen to the Treknologic podcast. I also started watching two new shows.
Harry's Law - Now in its season season, co-stars Christopher McDonald, who was in the The Next Generation episode Yesterday's Enterprise.
Body of Proof - Co-stars Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine from Voyager.

Fringe 2011 Guest Performers
Aside from the most obvious Leonard Nimoy, we have more associations with the Star Trek series. Most of the names I mention are directly connected to Star Trek.

Seth Gabel - Married to Bryce Dallas Howard, who is daughter of Ron Howard, who is brother to Clint Howard, who guest starred on Star Trek and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. (4 degrees)

Christopher Lloyd - Klingon Commander Kruge in Star Trek The Search for Spock

Alan Ruck - Captain of the Enterprise B in Star Trek Generations

Brad Dourif - Betazoid Crewman Lon Suder of Voyager, who was confined to quarters for violent tendencies until his death at the hands of the Kazon.

Joe Flanigan - Starred of Stargate Atlantis, worked with Connor Trinneer, Trip Tucker of Star Trek Enterprise. (2 degrees)

Michelle Krusiec - In the Deep Space Nine episode Time's Orphan, little Molly O'Brien falls into a time portal. She emerged was the older Molly. Not knowing if this was a permanent state, Miles and Keiko try to reach out to their wild child.
Quote: Molly... home.

John Piper-Ferguson - In The Next Generation episode A Fistful of Datas, he was a holodeck character that eventually took on the appearance of Data.
Quote: (To Worf) Were you born that way... or did your momma marry an armadillo?

Stephen Root - In The Next Generation episodes Unification I/II, he was Klingon Captain K'Vada who provided passage for Picard and Data to Romulus.
Quote: (To Data) Be careful, android... some Romulan beauty might take a liking to you... lick that paint right off your ears...

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