Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Week in TV: My Top 3 Caps

In the new year, I am continually impressed by the quality of my favourite shows. These are little moments that stand out in an episode. I am just a little miffed that Global TV doesn't seem to have the stream for Harry's Law for last week's new episode. I am sure that will come when the series return in March.

Harry's Law - Episode 2.11 - Gorilla My Dreams

In the absence of an image, I would like to point out that the gorilla in this episode was played by an actor named Tommy Woodruff, Jr. When I comment on the episode, I kept wanting to refer to the gorilla as a real ape, but the acting of obviously done by man. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact the actor in he suit had played gorilla's before. I loved how emotional his portrayal was. Much of it was conveyed in sign language and facial expressions. And the episode closing on the gorilla's face had quite the impact.

Grimm - Episode 1.08 - Game Ogre

Monroe a wolf in the creature world, had just helped Nick the Grimm take down an ogre. Afterwards, when Monroe is back at the Grimm trailer, the camera starts up high overhead and then moves in an arc right to eye level. It gives one a perspective that Monroe's actions are being observed. Meaning, if the audience can see him, who else might as well.

Pan Am - Episode 1.11 - Diplomatic Relations

The crew flies to Russia for the first time. Suspected of being spies, Laura and Bridget were detained. The room they were left in, while unremarkable, had a bank of windows that very much reminded me of something out of Dr. Zhivago. This setting stood out above the rest. In the one scene, the camera tracked with Laura in her state of panic. The scene when women walked the length of those windows made the shot for me.

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