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Grimm - Season One Overview

Ever since his Aunt Marie told him with her dying breath to hunt down the 'bad ones', Detective Nick Burkhardt has been discovering a strange legacy as a Grimm. Up until now, Nick has been able to keep his new found responsibilities from his partner Hank and girlfriend Juliette.

Other than the Grimm Guide that is available over at the NBC site, I hope that this article will prove helpful for anyone watching the first season from the start.

The season finale (1.22 "Woman in Black") will, in some way, serve as a summary for all that had occurred previously.

What we know is this, so far...

WESEN are species that exists within us. They are not aware of what they are until they reach adolescence. (1.06 "Let Your Hair Down") Despite trying to lead normal lives, sometimes they have trouble avoiding their natural instincts. (1.11 "Tarantella") Wesen can be seen when they transform or WOGE during emotional surges. (1.21 "Big Feet") While some are dangerous, most wesen are good people. For a long time, a Grimm has only been a myth. In Portland, the wesen think of Nick as their defender and friend. Monroe, a blutbad and Rosalee, a fuchsbau are two of his biggest allies.

The VERATT is an old world order. They ensure the purity of wesen kind. We are told that they are bringing a war. Nick got in the middle of the conflict when a hundjager was sent to kill a rebel lauffer. This was the first time Nick is told about the SEVEN ROYAL FAMILIES his kind served. Unbeknownst to him though his superior police captain Renard is one. (1.18 "Cat and Mouse") Whatever the relationship was before, it must appear to any wesen that this Grimm and this royal is behaving out of character.

REAPERS kill the Grimm. With Munroe's training, Nick was able use the weapons of his ancestors to survive his first encounter in a fight against two deadly assassins. (1.19 "Leave It to Beavers")

Nick's investigation involving ancient gold coins (1.13 "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau") led to the discovery of the wesen who killed his parents.

Where we left off... [Spoilers]

Adalind Schade is a witch / hexenbiest and Nick's nemesis. She has been after a key that Marie entrusted to Nick found in Aunt Marie's trailer full of Grimm stuff. Her plans to obtain it has caused Hank and Sergeant Wu to fall under her spell. After Nick stripped her of her powers, she cast a spell on his girlfriend. Does Adalind plan on using Juliette to get the key that way?

Nick's mother is apparently still alive. She was on the trail of her supposed killer Kimura. Was she looking for the coins too? Hopefully, we will find out why she is showing up, after all these years.

How Do Wesen Know Nick is a Grimm?

Throughout the season, there has been one burning question that most viewers have wanted answered. Nick doesn't appear different or do anything to announce that he is a Grimm. How do the wesen know? Well, here is one explanation. If wesen only let people see them when they want to, then I believe they are unable to conceal their true nature in the presence of a Grimm.

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