Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Six Degrees of Star Trek

Recently, a big number Star Trek big names have come across the TV screen. As the current television seasons is about to end, I want to mention the few I have noticed.

William Shatner will appear on the Rookie Blue season three premiere.
Scott Bakula appeared on Desperate Housewives.
Nana Visitor appeared as a queen bee of her own 'hive' on Grimm.
George Takei competed on The Celebrity Apprentice.
Michael Dorn occasionally appeared as Beckett's therapist on Castle.
Roxann Dawson directed episodes of Scandal. Last year, she directed an episode of The Cape - The Lich, Part 2.
John Delancie appeared on The Secret Circle.
John Billingsley appeared on Harry's Law.
Robert Picardo appeared on Harry's Law and Body of Proof.
Wil Wheaton occasionally appeared on Eureka and The Big Bang Theory.
Kate Mulgrew appeared on Warehouse 13.

Some notable guest Trek actors: From Star Trek: Deep Space NineMonte Markham (a.k.a. the Seven Million Dollar Man) was on Fringe. From Star Trek: Voyager, Kashyk Mark Harelick was on Awake.

Speaking of Desperate Housewives. The series finale has come and gone. Two of its stars Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Vanessa Williams appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (1) Teri Hatcher appeared in the season two episode The Outrageous Okona. That episode also featured (2) Rosalind Allen who was a regular on SeaQuest DSV, which starred (3) Don Franklin, who was on Young Riders with (4) Anthony Zerbe, Admiral Dougherty of  Star Trek: Insurrection.

(1) John Aylward, who was on Fringe, played psychiatrist in the ninth season of The X-Files in an episode along with (2) Michael Emerson, who was in Lost created by (3) JJ Abrams, who directed Star Trek, 2009. Yes, they were in the Brady Bunch themed episode together.
Scene from The X-Files - Sunshine Days

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