Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stages of Imaginings - Why People Fall from the Sky

If I had to describe what inspires me, it is every time I stare outside a window.

The earliest I could remember noticing the world outside was shortly after starting school. It had been raining. The streets were flooded, water yellow with muddy run off from the mountain. When a tire floated along, the first thing that came to my mind was where's the car. Now I was little, so I didn't know that there could just be tires lying about. More importantly, I made my first connection.

The world was full of strange ideas. And school can be a place to find them. For instance, the way religion was introduced through film. It was too long ago to remember. I remember seeing someone named Jesus. I supposed that was an Easter film. What do you suppose I see when I look out the window then? People falling from the sky like rain.

We talked about Christmas at home too. Back then in Hong Kong, I knew where the presents came from. It  didn't come from some old man dressed in some red suit. I saw my father hide them on the top bunk. Since it was bad form to spoil it for little kids, it was fortunate that I said very little then, huh?

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