Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Body of Proof - Episode 1.06 - Society Hill - Recap

Alright! That was sweet!

Megan loathed the life she had in Chestnut Hill, yet she chose to come back and take this latest assignment. Fancy cars. Nice houses. City wide recognition as a top neurosurgeon. The recognition was nice, but she wouldn't want to relive the rest.

The victim was Society Fair Magazine editor, Daphne Zimmer, a powerful woman who has worked hard for her success. Megan automatically draws comparison between the victim and herself.

"Why is it every time a man calls a woman a power player, it sounds pejorative?" (Pejorative means belittling. Yes, I wanted to look up that word the first time Dana Delany said it.)

She wasn't an easy person to get along with. There are no shortage of suspects. They wouldn't find the cause of death until late in the episode. All they had to go on was that she died in her pool two days before she was found.

Dr. Hunt finds a new way to interrogate a suspect by re-entering high society, her mother's world. "Peter? Do you own a tuxedo?" Then we get to see Peter Dunlop clean up nice. It was no surprise to her that her mother found her actions embarrassing.

Megan and her mother Joan (Joanna Cassidy) argued about each others faults, whereby Megan accuses her that she was not there for her. They will also have quality time at the end of this.

"You don't know what it's like to have friends."

"After the accident, after I lost my profession, my standing, where were my friends."

"You were too embarrassed. You were too worried about your friends."

We almost see Megan and Peter outside the context of work.
As usual he is always there to cheer her up when she seems low.

"Just try and take your mind off the job, okay?"

Megan wonders why Peter is inviting her for anything for the first time. To simply hang out.
Then in her eureka moment, Megan almost kisses Peter.

Other interesting tidbits:

Kate's specialty is in bones, teeth and hair.
Curtis's specialty is entomology.

Ethan is curious about Kate's personal life. Apparently, she is not always so nice to him.

Curtis enjoyed feeding the maggots a little too much for Ethan's liking.

An old friend thinks that Megan was mortician.

We got just Bud this week. Are they alternating the detectives, because it will give them more to do per episode?

Megan making an electric charge to shock Peter's ear.

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