Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Now?

There she was. Right at her usual spot over looking the reflection pool. All deep in thought. What does she think about? The six months since I've been assigned to work with her, I've always seen her like this. Whether it be about the case at hand or issues with Lacey. I hate the way it troubles her. I know now she's bummed about not knowing Daphne's cause of death. Making an arrest was not enough closure for her. The mystery has not been solved.

Deaths are always difficult. I heard her tell Bud. I wish it didn't have to be. After all this time, I still haven't seen things like that. I was a cop. I was trained to not let the work get to us.

She has got to take a break sometimes. She needs to. She was more than a little surprised by my invitation. To be honest, I didn't know if she would come or not.

"Why now? You've never once invited me for anything."

"Don't look so shocked. We just want to hang out with you."

Then she reached for my face with her hands. The kiss was so sudden, I had no time to react. It was amusing and awkward at the same time. After working together for a short time, we were just beginning to get close. I admire her passion. Why not now?

- A Body of Proof Fan Fiction

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