Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Wizard of Oz Script

I reviewed The Wizard of Oz script that will be used for our production. I was encouraged to give my opinion on what needs to be done. I am glad I did. There were scenes calling for effects from the movie. Given the resources I have at hand, I gave my recommendations. The projected elements simulate a movie. It is not really a movie. Animation will be a much more effective alternative. The simpler the better. I am confident they will agree. You can see how I can make the house fall down in a heap of dust, in the above image. If they don't mind stick figures and silhouettes, we can definitely make this happen.

Watched the movie again, as well as Dreamer of Oz (1990). That one was more for me as a writing inspiration. There was also a 1910 silent film and 1933 animated movie.

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