Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Week in TV: My Top 3 Caps

Back in the days, I bought a TV with my very first paycheque. OK. It was a Pocketvision. You carry it around like a transistor radio. Before the death of analog, it used to mean I could always catch stuff on it, whenever cable went out, like during the blackout of 2003 or we were down to one TV. Aside from being a cool gadget, it had great sound and picture quality for 3 inches of screen. Today, it may be obsolete, but I still catch American shows on Canadian networks. Less conflicts that way. With the economy the way it is, I find it hard to give up full cable. But times were so much easier when there were less channels. There are so many shows now, I couldn't tell you what came and went anymore.

In the past decade, I came across some interesting short-lived series. Let's see if anyone can remember these without looking them up?
  1. In the near future, a law firm handles difficult cases that reflect the time.
  2. Three New York couples find their lives becoming intertwined with one another, while living in the same apartment building.
  3. A cursed revolver brings violence to a variety of owners in the American west.

Charlie's Angels - Episode 1.05 - Angels in Paradise

Coolest stunt scene ever. The old series featured the Ford Mustangs, so there were a lot more car chases. Firing a weapon from a horseback has to be pretty awesome.
And then something you never expect to hear in the other incarnations... 
"Charles Townsend has an agenda."
We are never going to know what that means.

Harry's Law - Episode 2.05 - Bad to Worse

Guys like you.
Of the many 'guy' talks Adam has with Ollie Richards about their client, this one was my favourite.
"Don't try to get in my head. You don't want to be in my head, so don't try to get in my head. People don't get in my head. so forget it." - Ollie
"Heart? People get in your heart?" - Adam
People have issues with the show changes. I don't really. It will mean more range of stories for the show.
"You huff and puff so. You remind me of the big bad wolf." - Pastor Darcy to Harry

Happily Divorced - Episode 1.04 - A Date With Destiny

Fran is worried that her old high school sweetheart is not so perfect after all.
"This one is too tall. That one is too short. This one is gay... You are going to be alone forever." - Dori
You have to love Rita Moreno.

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